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Umbilical Chords

  • Downtempo
  • Deep House
  • Ambient
  • IDM
Artist — Track Name

Íntima (Sin Vox ft. Davie Biddle) - NAP
Champs des idoles - Jita Sensation
Now the spark has flown - Raudie
I feel like I’m blue - Léa Sen
Sugarwings - A.R. Kane
Spring Greens (Double Geography Remix) - King Knut
Birthday (Justin Robertson 12’’ mix) - The Sugacubes
Stepping’ out (feat sleepy brown) - Big Gipp
Womankind’s beauty feat Tonina - Bergsonist
Pont de Djabe - Jonquera
Love despite our ruins - Arabian panther
04 359011_1 - Anastasia Zems
Missing you - Slowdive
By High Tide - Millsart
Iz-Us - Aphex Twin
Lollipop (12” Edit) - José Padilla
à-haut Sur La Dune - Vague imaginaires
What’s your voodoo - Ghia
Welche farbe hat der wind - Hans Hass
L’Essor du Roraima - Vague imaginaires
Bush telegraph - T. Durbet/ L. Thierry- Mieg
Van - Baby mammouth
Tagger Rap - Jean Yves D’Angelo
Commandant Fried Chicken - Lastrack
Free Your Body - TeeKay
Ishka - Angel Tears
Neophyte Delight - Sephr
Flying dreams - Afrotrance

Umbilical chords

You are warmly invited to reach deep inside yourself, find the psychic umbilical cord that lives within you, and to fling it out into the universe to be joined with the others in magnificent regenerative matrix.

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