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Tired Eyes

  • Electronica
  • Beats
  • Hip-Hop
  • Jazz
  • Ambient
Artist — Track Name

Mike Dead - The fifth day part 1
Green-House - Royal Fern
Toby Schay - Dive
Toby Schay - Reach
imagiro & Charlie - Boardwalk (Bad Snacks Remix)
aerate - crater
Wrex Mason - peace to ish
Tired Eyes - s0 e15
Remi Oz x twenty weeks - Dream About You
AFTA - 1 X Cazeaux OSLO - Jah Wise
Marc Rebillet - Bridge
Prizm Wizard - visions of chaos
Kassa Overall - I Know You See Me (ft. J Hoard and Melanie Charles
Clever Austin - Catapult
Roshima (feat. Glenn Deveron & Jan Morez) - Prospect
ideism - Echoes
Jabbu & Howiewonder - Permanently in that Frame of Mind
Tired Eyes - s0 e16 & 17
Deku Leaf - Longcross 001
Toonorth - Antematter
Kupla - In Your Eyes
Drohves - Distend
Vio ft mastr_g - Distend
omoidee - problematic light

Tired Eyes

Tired Eyes, is a Bristol based producer/DJ hailing from Southampton. His productions rooted in Experimental Hip Hop draw influence from Jazz, pysc rock, Soul and Leftfield Bass. Expect an exploration into all things beat culture and experimental electronic music.

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