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Olivia w/ Ernestas Sadau

  • Experimental
  • Electronica
  • IDM
  • Future
  • Avant-Garde

“The idea of the mix is conceptual - to show where the sound goes now. From atonal to tonal then back to atonal and now what's most interesting is when a lot of producers started to change from Western tuning of twelve equal intervals per octave to microtonal - intervals smaller than a semitone, also called “microintervals”. Very interesting as well as symbiosis between Artificial Intelligence and the human mind, some tracks of this mix are them. Some contemporary electronic music now can be so accurate, clean and have such bright timbres.

The future of sound looks very promising. Very big influence aswell from queer scene. Hope you will enjoy this mix as I enjoyed. Best wishes, Ernestas Sadau”

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Olivia is open to any sound. Her broad interest in music sees her exploring various genres. Each show is devoted to a different one. From time to time, Olivia will invite friends for joint sound exploration.

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