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inklingroom w/ Emillski & Avtomat

  • Bass
  • Experimental
  • Techno
  • House

inklingroom invites Avtomat for the guest mix in the second part of this month show. Expect an hour of ode's to the weirder side of the dancefloor.

Artist — Track Name

Lucy Railton - For J.R.
Yawning Portal - The Burning Bridge
Ice Eyes - AFMR
Chance - Insomnie conjugale
Laces - The Ridge
Esther - Carmine
Wants - Random Notes (Squane Remix)
Free Range - Horror Flesh
Osheyack & Nahash - Club Apathy
Deeco - Omen
Sharda - Memory
MM - 9th Ritual
Sudanim - Abondance
X CLUB. - Cops Ain't Shit
Batu - Murmur
Osheyack & Nahash - Club Apathy
Polo Lilli - Ariana
Le Dom - Dodge
X-Coast - Mutations
Violet - Psyche (Eris Drew Remix)
jamaszka FT - tejemnicza statuetka
DJ Breathing Exercise - Down


Welcome to inklingroom's monthly at Noods Radio. Every month, we are featuring mixes, podcasts, and live shows from inklingroom's own artists, dj’s, dancers and friends. While we mainly focus on presenting you with our musical agendas and exclusively covering cutting edge electronic music, but we also include interviews with people we work with and those who inspire us. The aim is that every show has its own identity, yet together we re-creating what is in the mind of our event concept: blending the worlds of experimental contemporary dance practices and weirder side of dance music, initiating new connections between provocative emerging and established artists.

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