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Dusty Grooves

  • Hip-Hop
  • New Wave
  • Deep House
Artist — Track Name

All Good Funk Alliance - REC
K.I.I.A. - Killing Time
George Michael - I Want Your Sex
The God Squad - Floored
DJ Pippi and Willy Graff - Lunares
Carl Thomas - I Wish
Gang Starr - You Know My Steez (Dobie Remix)
Mystikal - Danger (Instrumental)
Ricardo Cioni and DJ FT Band - Fog
Ruins - It's Not Too Grand
Kurtis Blow - Hello Baby
Prince Charles - Combat Zone
Geneva Jacuzzi - Cannibal Babies
Fashion - Love Shadow (Smokey Dialogue)
Magick Edit Allstars - Mixed Down
Parkwerks - Secret to Success Dub
Anzano - Slave Lover
Airstrip One - Satellite
Total Contrast - Hit and Run
Rocket - I Wanna Know
Isabel Roberts - Rhythym of Your Love
Sunfire - Step In The Light
Prince Charles - Skintight Tina
MIA - Sunshowers
Penthouse 4 - Bust This House Down
Resistance ft. Danny - I Had To Do It

Dusty Grooves

From the murky depths of Bristol's underground carboot sale scene, come two audio hoarders that dig deep for sonic audio treasures. No bargain bin is safe from from their nimble fingers and they will always ask for your best price.

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